Hi! I’m Whitney.

I’m a lifestyle-emotive photographer, who’s all about capturing a family’s connection in every frame. I love for my sessions to be full with laughter and good times. But also, I love to meet my smallest clients’ emotions right where they are, so it’s ok for the littles to cry. There is no shame in being real. In fact, I invite it.

I go into every session with the same hopes: to capture connection, emotion, and love that we often times can’t completely recall when thinking back to different periods of our lives.

I am a mom myself, so I completely understand the blur of it all and how hard it is to remember certain stages. Yet, I still remember the feeling of never wanting to forget the tender moments or the funny ones.

Speaking of being a mom, I have 2 little kiddos (Grady and Porter). Any time I’m not working, I can usually be found with them. We are busy playing dinosaurs, building with magnatiles, or I’m attempting not to enter into their negotiations for tv/food (spoiler alert… I can cave easily!). I love wearing pants with an elastic waistband, my hair up, and no make up. I call it efficient living where I go from bed to work to play. If I could live in those footie pjs they make for infants (sleep to play), I would.

We are recent transplants to Austin, TX, but I still love SF and have been busy traveling back and forth working in both cities. It’s turned out to be a great gift!


San Francisco Sessions

Fall 2019

Did I mention that I also offer video? Well, hot dang! I do!