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Austin Family & Newborn Photographer

Whitney Cooley Photography Austin Family Photographer

Hey, I’m Whitney!

I’m approaching 40, love to wear sweatpants everywhere, and I drink a lot of coffee. I am also a mom, which doesn’t totally define, but man that shit is consuming as much as it is amazing. I love to laugh about how chaotic my life is and I find a lot of humor in things that also make me have anxiety. In my second act of life, I want to be a stand-up comedian. Not because I try to be funny, I just deal with life through sarcasm. I also have an empathetic heart… it’s my one measure for making sure I am not a complete asshole. One of my most favorite things that my husband said to me when we met was, “you’re not crazy and neither am I… we are just each others’ kind of crazy.”



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Austin Family Photography

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