Fresh 48, Baby Solomon Stafford

Baby Solomon came in the morning in early December.  He came out perfect, tiny, and more amazing than his parents expected because that's what happens when you have your first child.  You day dream about the moment you see your child for the first time, but nothing prepares one for that exactly moment when baby comes out and is brought before your eyes.  It's so sacred.  Time just stops.  So for Nicole and Silas it was as perfect as perfect could be with her labor and delivery so they then went to the recovery room.  A little back story, Nicole and I have been close friends for years.  She's the godmother to my oldest child, in fact.  She and Silas are very special to me.  So when Nicole found out she was pregnant, I told her that I must come photograph a Fresh 48.  I hadn't been doing them but REALLY wanted to.  The opportunity just hadn't come about.  She agreed (yay!).  So baby came, and of course I was on the "ins" so I knew right away.  I came two days later to their hospital room and I felt like the most special person in the whole world because I know just how sacred the recovery room is to parents.  It's the place where the outside world just stops at the door and when one enters life is just euphoric from the new life in the room.  So we spent time laughing, me with so many tears in my eyes because I was recording such amazing moments between the 3 of them.  Moments that are never forgotten but also blurred months and years later.  To me a Fresh 48 isn't about anything other than capturing the moment and exactly what is happening.  

I know that Nicole and Silas, and baby Sol, will forever cherish these images, but so will I.  This session was such an honor and I feel so fortunate to be there.

I'm not much of a blogger, but I'm trying.. slowly ;).