Bye, 431 Ashbury

Sometimes the places where we live can seem like just a resting spot to lay our head at night or a closet to hang our clothes in, but more often than not this is not the case.  Instead where we live becomes part of us, whether it's a short term or a long term situation.  These places where we have chosen to dwell become the places where we cook delicious meals, celebrate holidays, laugh, cry, dance, fall in love, experience heartache, grow-up in, paint and refinish, and for some bring our babies home to.  So these homes are a large part of our history and moving on from them is typically bittersweet.  After living in the same SF flat for 22 years, this family decided to pack it up and move it on out of this crazy city.  A lot of memories were made at this place, I'm sure, but that was just a chapter in their love story.  I loved, loved photographing them as they said good-bye to this sweet dwelling.  On to the next!

Whitney Miller