Photo Credit: Cristin More Photography


Hey there!  My name is Whitney Cooley (Miller).  I have been a family photographer for 5 years and recently my family and I relocated to the Austin, TX area from San Francisco, CA.  I will still be working in the city by the bay, but I am excited to grow my business here in Austin!  I specialize in natural light lifestyle and emotive photography.  Give me some soft sun and family cuddles and count me in!

A little more about me...

I am a native Californian and grew up in the greater LA area.  After meeting my husband, who lived in San Francisco, I decided to take a leap of faith and move to SF.  It was a great leap of faith as we are now married and have two sweet little boys.  

My background is a mix of elementary education and photography.  Growing up, I spent a lot of time using any camera I could get my hands on from polaroids to film and later to digital.  I really fell in love with the camera when I was in high school and took film photography.  To me, there was nothing greater than working in the darkroom.  After high school, I went onto to college to become an elementary school teacher, which was another great passion of mine.  I continued to do photography as a hobby and actually took a break between college and my credential program to work in the photography department at Shape Magazine.  This was right around the digital revolution and we transitioned from looking at proofs over a light box to enlarging them on a computer screen.  It was an exciting time!  But alas, I missed my other calling, so I went back into the classroom, where I stayed for 8 years.  During that time, I decided to start my own personal photography business and have been doing that for the past 5 years.  After leaving the classroom to stay home with my son, I continue to enjoy my photography and work daily to strike a balance between these two passions, my family and my art.

Most days you will find me in sweat pants and a messy bun of hair with my kids keeping me busy, but then you’ll also find me sitting behind computer editing and working on my business. I really love to photograph families in an environment that makes them feel comfortable, whether it be in their home or out and about. I really appreciate the candid love between family members and really work to capture that in my photographs. For myself, I want to remember our lives as they are. I will admit that for some of our photo sessions I do shower and get ready, but the rest of it is all real. The giggles, the tickles, the snuggles, the walking hand in hand… that’s my life right now (and honestly I hope it doesn’t ever change much! But time marches on so I don’t want to miss out on it either… which is why I hire photographers to photograph us!!). So if those things make your heart beat a bit faster with love, then it sounds like we would be a good match :).