This is me, Whitney. I am a mom of 2, wife to Brett, a coffee addict, and I probably use the word fuck too much. I really love to laugh about the hilarity that is parenthood because if you aren’t laughing, you’re crying! (turns out this gig is harder than I imagined). I left my elementary school teaching job years ago to stay home with my then new baby and grow my love of photography into a business.

I love photographing people, whether it be in their homes, outside, hospitals+birthing centers (fresh 48 newborns are amazing!!), connected to one another through a touch, a glance, a laugh, a simple smile, a kiss, and embrace. I also do not shy away from the hard feelings. Feel like crying? That’s ok! I’ll take a photo. Want to laugh? I’m here for it. Need to stop what you’re doing and nurse a baby? I won’t even skip a beat. I want to document your moments with your family in real time. I feel like I’m a hybrid lifestyle-emotive-documentary photographer (is that even a thing?? Well if not, now it is!).

All of these moment do not come without my connection with your family. And, I don’t mean we have to be friends for years ahead of time.

Prior to our session, we will have some chit and chat via email. I’ll ask you things like “if I sneak attack you at 7 am on a Monday, what would I see?” or “if you could escape for a few hours, what would you do?” “What’s your favorite things to do with your family?” We can even talk on the phone, which feels a little 1900s, but I can chat on the phone when my kids aren’t screaming in the background or I have found a perfect place to hide in my closet from them.

Also, I want clients to come into a session knowing me (pssst… follow me on instagram and you will! If you already do, then you rock!). I, too, want to come into the session knowing you as well.

As a photographer, I feel like I’m entering into your special space and capturing treasured moments when I show up to photograph you all. I want you to leave the session feeling like we’ve become better friends than when we initially met. When you receive your gallery, I want you to really feel like I captured whatever was happening in your life at those exact moments. Isn’t that what we ultimately want when we envision our family?


Here is my family. Bathed, in “fancy” clothes, and just having a good time! (Did I mention I do videography too? Hot dang. Such a good one. Can’t believe I forgot to share that!)