Fresh 48 Newborn Sessions



Those first hours after having a baby are amazing, intensely emotional, and it's almost as if time has come to a standstill.  There's a world happening outside of where you are, but to you, your whole world is happening right there with your new baby and everything else has stopped.  It's a crazy time in your life.  As a photographer, I want to capture that precious and intense time with photographs.  It's raw.  It's beautiful.  It's emotional.  This session is done about 48 hours after birth, in the hospital or birthing center or at your home... where ever you are right after birth.


Prior to having your baby, we will meet over the phone or via face time to introduce ourselves, if you are a new client, because I want you to feel as comfortable as possible with me entering into this special space with you and your baby.  For the session, I come to where you are and spend about 30-45 minutes photographing your life as it's happening.  I will go from completely candid, to gentle directing, to semi-posed moments.  The session is natural, relaxing, and not intrusive.  And please, don't worry about me "seeing things," I have see it all.  I have 2 babies of my own, so I do not fright easily!



When you go into labor, please email or text me and then follow up after baby has arrived.  I will most likely come the morning of your discharge or before that.  Usually the first day after birth, there is a lot of testing and checking on baby; so it can be a really busy day.  The following day tends to be slightly less crazy.  My job is to not add to the crazy, though!  I know you will be exhausted from your journey of bringing that baby into this world, so my job is to be in and out while still maintaining a calm session.  I want to be as flexible as possible, so we can keep in touch via text.  

How to prepare for your shoot:

To prepare for the session, it's simple, just be there. 

Your body will be tender, so please only wear comfortable lounge clothing.  Whether you had a vaginal or c-section delivery, your body just went through an intense transformation.  So, there is no need to try to get dressed up or go over the top getting ready.  Also, this session will mostly happen in a bed, so wearing comfy clothes, a robe, or pajamas is totally normal and encouraged!  If you are looking for a more stylish postpartum outfit; though, there are some great options!  Here are some suggestions: Target has some affordable nursing dressescaftans by Dwell and Slumber; nursing tank/stretch lounge pants/and a printed kimono or robe is a great look (Anthropologie/Target/Pea in the Pod etc are all great options).  

Dressing baby should be simple: diaper and swaddle.  I want to capture that tiny baby's sweet little body!  

If you are breastfeeding, please feel free to nurse during the session.  I am comfortable and happy to photograph those tender moments, or I can step outside of the room if needed.  It's all about mom being comfortable!

If you are welcoming a sibling, yay!  I love to capture the tender and chaotic moments that are all-things siblings!  When a toddler enters the show, all bets are off as to what can happen, but those are some of the best moments of all!  

Our photo session will last about 30-60 minutes.  Your session will render many amazing images.  During my editing process, I will select the best of the best and edit those for exposure and color.  I will then deliver about 25 edited images to you via an online gallery.  These hi-res images are yours to download and keep forever.  I also offer detail editing, albums and canvases for an additional fee. Please contact for investment pricing.

A short film can be added to any session. Starting at $300.